I thought it would be helpful to have a master list of all of my top resources and recommendations.  I will constantly be updating this page as I learn more over time.  I would recommend you bookmark this page for quick reference and convenience.

Some of the links below are affiliate links.  However, they are all products I highly recommend in helping you make or save money.  I will be talking about products throughout this entire blog.  But the products on this page are going to be the crème de la crème.  I just want to make sure I am offering the best tools for you in your financial journey.

Budgeting & Savings

Mint (Free)

They are the leading budgeting online software website.  They have lots of bells and whistles but I still think you should Get personal with your finances.

Digit (Free)

Their motto is “Save money, without thinking about it.™”  You link your bank account and let them do the rest.  They even have overdraft guarantees.

Simple (Free)

They are not your typical bank.  They help you save a little each day through budgeting and savings.


A very reputable bank that gives more than the industry average on savings accounts.


Personal Capital (Free)

You can sync all of your syncs all of your financial accounts in one location. They create summaries of your spending, net worth, and most importantly your investment portfolio. The upsell is their paid financial advisory service.


This is where I house most of my ROTH IRAs.  I have a little system I use to maximize my returns and hopefully one day I will get a post on how and why I do it.  But they have about 90% of my retirement investments.  They also have some of the lowest fees in the industry.

Wealthfront (Freeish)

This is where I have the other part to my ROTH IRAs.  If you use my link they will give you $15,000 managed for FREE.

Other Personal Links


Who doesn’t love Amazon?  Not this guy.  I almost canceled my prime account in 2014 but then I looked through my purchase history and quickly realized it wasn’t a good idea.  Now we are more addicted than ever before for many reasons.

Thrive Market

We do a majority of our organic grocery shopping on this site.  And many times they have beaten out our local Hy-vee on cost comparison.


Blogging Platform

WordPress (Free)

I have been using WordPress ever since my first business and I have never looked back.  It is the #1 choice of almost every blogger/ business owner I know that manages their own site.

ManageWP (Free)

I use them for backing up my all my websites and plugin management.


I have used so many different hosting platforms for all my web design clients but here are the most reputable and my favorites.


  • HostGator
  • GoDaddy – They bought ManageWP so they have some extra perks for free if you host through GoDaddy.