• #ShortTermPain - Monthly Income Report

April and May 2016 Monthly Blog Income Report – $31.71

Welcome to my monthly income report for April & May 2016.  On of the reasons I decided to go a financial blog was because I love to look at numbers.  This way I can keep [...]

  • Short-Term Pain - Monthly Income Report

March 2016 Monthly Blog Income Report – $8.21

Welcome to my first monthly income report for March 2016.  Since we are just starting out I am going to keep everyone up to date on a monthly basis of my trials and tribulations. Trevor, [...]

  • I want to thank everyone for the b-day wishes in advance

To all my Real Life and Facebook Friends

If you are reading this then I am going to guess you tried to wish me Happy Birthday today.  Or you just might be that one person that is always a day late to the [...]

  • Short-Term Pain - Recommendations


I thought it would be helpful to have a master list of all of my top resources and recommendations.  I will constantly be updating this page as I learn more over time.  I would recommend you [...]

  • Short-Term Pain Debt Counter

Debt Payoff Counter

We set out for a goal of eliminating $1,000,000 in our readers personal debt. Please join us by letting us know how much money you have paid off from our advice below. Loading...

  • Short-Term Pain - Think about it

Best personal finance advice in the world

Welcome, and thank you for visiting my very first blog post. Ok, so here is the best financial advice in the world. Don't buy dumb stuff. - Trevor Gensler Ok so maybe [...]