How to Overcome Your Fear of Failure

Funny story.  My fear of failure has prevented me from posting anything of substance for over nine months.  Why?  Because I'm dumb or don't know good nglish and how to rite.  Ok, not exactly.  It's [...]


I thought it would be helpful to have a master list of all of my top resources and recommendations.  I will constantly be updating this page as I learn more over time.  I would recommend you [...]

Debt Payoff Counter

We set out for a goal of eliminating $1,000,000 in our readers personal debt. Please join us by letting us know how much money you have paid off from our advice below. Loading...

Charitable Giving Challenge

Welcome to our Charitable Giving Challenge.  One major goal I set out to do when I started this blog was to donate $100,000 to charities and other organizations that are extremely involved in the community. [...]